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Atmospheric enrichment of CO2 by gassing in protected horticulture operations has enhanced plant yields for decades. However, over half of the CO2 gas is typically lost through leaks even in sealed structures. About 85% of the world's 50 billion square feet of protected grows are unsealed and have open venting designs which makes atmospheric enrichment of CO2 uneconomical and impractical since nearly all of the CO2 gas would escape.

This means the vast majority of protected growers are not able to take advantage of CO2 enrichment which is proven to result in up to 30% more yield as plants are able to enhance photosynthesis. CO2 GRO's patented CO2 Delivery Solutions™ enables ALL protected grows to consistently deliver optimal amounts of CO2 to their plants via an aqueous CO2 solution, resulting in higher yields, faster growth, safely and profitably.

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High ROI. Fast Payback.
  • CANNABIS: more bud yield, faster growth, less crop loss from mildew  ~6 months payback

  • FRUITS & VEGGIES: more biomass and fruit yield, faster growth  ~2 years payback

  • FLOWERS & LINERS: more flowering, better rooting, faster growth  ~2 years payback

  • CO2 SAVINGS: up to 95% less CO2 use, smaller CO2 cylinder rental  ~3 years payback

Innovative Technology
  • Apply CO2 to your plants SAFELY.

  • Applied to the plant by FINE MISTING.




  • CUSTOM ENGINEERED for your facility.




CO2 Delivery Solutions™ can be integrated into existing boom or overhead misting systems and if you don't have any existing misting system, no problem, we will design and implement one custom for your facility.

How CO2 Delivery Solutions   Work


CO2 from a gas tank and water from the facility source are plugged into the Aqueous CO2 Infusion System, which comes as an in-situ system or can be integrated into booms. The CO2 completely dissolves in the water creating a saturated aqueous CO2 solution.

The aqueous CO2 solution is targeted directly on to the plant's leaves by misting micro droplets that create an aqueous CO2 film on leaf's surface. This film isolates the leaf surface from the atmosphere and creates a diffusion gradient that favors the transport of CO2 into the leaf and other gasses out of the leaf.


The carbon is used by the plant for photosynthesis to grow and the oxygen is given off to the atmosphere.

More carbon is now available for the roots and shoots to grow, increasing yield and profits.

The 'Magic' is in the Misting

Aqueous CO2 is absorbed through the leaf's surface.

This means aqueous CO2 can be misted from overhead vs under the leaf.

Follow our education channel for a deeper dive into the science behind how CO2 Delivery Solutions™ work.

Exciting Results

It is difficult to maintain 1200 ppm CO2 gas even in a sealed commercial facility throughout the grow cycle due to periodic venting.


Aqueous CO2 misting is effective year-round, regardless of venting periods.



25% more bud and biomass yield

25% faster cycle time



35% more biomass

Faster growth

black magic kale.png


35% more biomass

Fuller / thicker head



More flower buds

Thicker, bushier canopy



20% more fruit yield

10% faster fruit ripening

young plant image.png

Young Plants

Enhanced root development

Improved overall canopy

Perimeter Protection™
  • Despite conventional wisdom, misting plants with aqueous CO2 also provides the plant with “Perimeter Protection™” to slow the spread of micro pathogens.

  • The fluctuation in pH on the plant surface when aqueous CO2 mist is applied slows the spread of micro pathogens. CO2 gassing alone does not provide this protection.

  • Reduce the spread of micro pathogens such as powdery mildew and E. coli by 99%.

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Team & Partners

CO2 Delivery Solutions has been developed with the help of top people and institutions:

John Archibald

B.A.Sc. and P. Eng. with over 35 years experience managing the full spectrum of engineering projects from demonstration to large scale installations in North America and overseas. John successfully built and sold his own company which deployed gas infusion technology in numerous industries.

Dr. Matt Julius

Ph.D. and Professor of Biology at Minnesota based St. Cloud State University. Matt provides plant nutrition advice to our master growers and clients. Matt also provides scientific research through St. Cloud State University pertaining to plant growth using CO2 Delivery Solutions to maximize a plant's natural growth potential.

Aaron Archibald

VP Sales & Strategic Partners

A successful businessman and entrepreneur, for the last 17 years Aaron has headed teams that successfully commercialized gas-to-liquid mixing technologies in various industries including groundwater remediation, wellness, aquaculture and beverages.

Dr. Gord Surgeoner

Director, CO2 GRO Inc.

Ph.D. in Forest Entomology and  esteemed professor at the University of Guelph in Environmental Biology and Plant Agriculture until 2004. President of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies from 1999-2014. Board member of several sustainable agriculture organizations and 2014 inductee to Ontario's Agriculture Hall of Fame.

St. Cloud State University has worked with CO2 Delivery Solutions for a number of years beginning with algae and now fully focused on maximizing the natural growth potential of several plant varieties. As dedicated partners to discovering the benefits of CO2 Delivery Solutions on plant growth, SCSU continues to provide valuable scientific validation and insights of how best to utilize CO2 Delivery Solutions.

The University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada has become a key academic partner for demonstrating the benefits of CO2 Delivery Solutions on the growth of several crops including high value greenhouse crops, specialty crops and several outdoor cash crops.  

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All results shown were observed in demonstrations of CO2 Delivery Solutions. Results may vary according to crop and growing conditions. CO2 Delivery Solutions is not intended for use as a pesticide or herbicide.

CO2 Delivery Solutions is sold as a novel method for delivery of CO2 to plants.