CO2 GRO at the Show-Me Hemp Event at Linn County Seed & Flower

On May 5th, CO2 GRO participated in the Show-Me Hemp Association's Field Day at our customer, Linn County Seed & Flower's farm. Below are some pictures of Darla Lanphear, our North America Sales Manager's presentation. For a copy of the presentation, please click here.

To learn more about the Show-Me Hemp Association, please click here.

For a video showcasing our CO2 Delivery Solutions technology at near-by Sacred Seeds Hemp Farm, please see the video below.

Darla presenting at the Show-Me Hemp Field Day:

Some pictures of the misting lines in the Linn County and Sacred Seeds hoop houses:

Video of our misting system in the hoop houses (note that the misting in the video is for nearly 15 seconds and is simply to show what the mist looks like, misting is normally done for only about 5 seconds two to four times an hour):

Interested in how CO2 Delivery Solutions can help your cannabis and hemp plants? Please contact us.

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