Plants and CO2 Sequestration

As the UN Climate Action Summit ends, discussion continues concerning how to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. We should remember that green plants have been capturing and storing carbon for almost a half billion years.  All fossil fuels were once living creature who photosynthetically captured carbon from the atmosphere and stored it as part of their bodies.  Greening the earth through additional plant growth is among the most efficient and cost effective forms of carbon sequestration

More yield and bigger plants means more CO2 that the plant can sequester from the air. Air has approximately 400 ppm (parts per million) of CO2. Many indoor cultivation facilities provide more CO2 to their plants by pumping additional gas into the rooms which raises the CO2 concentration in the air to between 800 and 1500 ppm. This practice has been done for decades. However, greenhouse growers in warmer climates cannot pump additional CO2. These facilities require ventilation to stay cool thus allowing the added CO2 to escape easily. Outdoor growers of course cannot pump CO2 in the air outside.

How then can we supplement CO2 for plants grown in warm climate greenhouses and outdoor farms?

CO2 Gro Inc.'s patented CO2 Delivery Solutions enables growers in warm climate greenhouses and outdoor farms to supplement their plants with CO2, so growers everywhere can get more yield, bigger plants and faster growth - which also means more CO2 sequestration. How is this done? CO2 Delivery Solutions' patented process dissolves and saturates CO2 in water creating an aqueous CO2 solution. The solution is then applied to the plant's foliage by a fine mist. The plants easily absorb the CO2 in the solution within seconds. The plant can now use that added CO2 to grow bigger, faster and sequester more CO2.


CO2 Delivery Solutions is helping plants sequester CO2 while increasing a grower's profitability without harm to people or the planet. For more information on how CO2 Delivery Solutions works, watch this video or visit co2delivery.ca

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